Workforce Central Customers running version 8.0 or below:

Have you scheduled your Flash-Free Kronos upgrade? Mission-critical systems such as Kronos are vital to your enterprise and must remain operable.  At the end of 2020, modern browsers will stop supporting applications and websites that use Flash. This includes Kronos Workforce Central version 8.0 or below.

Workforce Fusion, LLC is a longstanding Kronos, Inc. implementation partner with over 10 years of experience in upgrading and implementing Kronos workforce management solutions. We are here to help! If you are an On-premise Kronos User running Adobe Flash, now is the time to get your upgrade scheduled.


We offer a quick, low cost, and effective upgrade option, using the most modern, Kronos approved implementation techniques. Do not wait any longer!  Send an email to for your free upgrade quote and rest easy - knowing your mission-critical, Kronos workforce management system is covered!

Flash-Free Upgrade - Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What's happening with the Flash-free update?

Because Adobe will no longer support Flash by the end of 2020, popular browsers will only load Kronos software that uses HTML5. This means Workforce Central (WFC) users will need an upgrade to transition smoothly from Flash-dependent system components to the new HTML equivalents.

2) What are my options?

As a WFC user, you have one of three Flash-free options:

a. Upgrade to Workforce Central v8.1.6.

b. Migrate to Workforce Dimensions.

c. Transition to Workforce Ready.

3) Is there a drop-dead date to upgrade to v8.1.6?

For a smooth transition to new browsers, Kronos customers need to have upgrades and all testing done before the end of 2020.

4) How do I upgrade from version v.x.x to 8.1.3?

Your WFC system will need to be upgraded to version 8.1.  Then a service pack (6) must be applied and a migration event to HTML 5 must be executed. For configuration or upgrade assistance, be sure to connect with Workforce Fusion.

5) What happens if my team doesn't upgrade or migrate?

If you stay on the WFC Flash Navigator past the date your browser vendor supports Flash, you'll need to develop a browser maintenance strategy so that your WFC workflow isn't disrupted. Please note: It's not guaranteed that your browser will make older versions available for download. By staying on an older Flash version of a browser, there may be vulnerability risks and compatibility issues.

6) Will Flash be removed from older WFC versions?

Kronos has no plans to remove Flash from older versions. Only WFC 8.1 and above will be Flash-free. Kronos also highly recommends users of older versions to upgrade to V8.1 for new features, technology, and security updates.

7) Is the upgrade from WFC v8.0 to v8.1 a significant upgrade?

This specific upgrade will require 8.1 to be installed on a separate server from 8.0 so, yes, it is considered a major version release.

8) What WFC features will be unaffected by the Flash-free transition?


The Flash-free upgrade will not affect WFC HR, Payroll, Kronos Mobile or Tablet, Telestaff, or Workforce Analytics components.

9) Will this upgrade affect our WFC Single Sign-On?

No, there will be no impact to your Single Sign-On ability.

Workforce Central 8.1 – Version Frequently Asked Questions

New Features in 8.1:

1) For Overtime Approval will the time NOT approved move to another bucket other than 'Unapproved Overtime'?

The unapproved overtime will go into a Denied Overtime bucket/pay code.

2) Is Delete Pay Code Moves function available for employees or just for Approvers?

The Delete Pay Code Moves function is controlled via the Function Access Profile (FAP) and can be configured in terms of who has access to it.

3) Is the new logic for Delete Moves in WFC V8.0 also?


The new logic for Delete Moves is being introduced in v8.1 and is not in v8.0.

4) Is Delete Pay Code Moves available for Employees or just Approvers?

The Delete Pay Code Moves function is controlled via The Function Access Profile (FAP) and can be configured in terms of who has access to it.


Adobe Flash & Java:

1) Will version 8.1 still require Adobe Flash?           

Workforce Central version 8.1.6 is fully Flash free and is now available.

2) Will WFC v8.0 also be Flash free?

Flash removal will not be done for v8.0 or below.


3) Many web browsers are getting away from plug-ins. Does WFC 8.1 eliminate Flash and only use HTML5?       

Workforce Central version 8.1.6 is fully Flash free and is now available.


4) Will all Java requirements be removed in this version?     


Yes, all Java requirements have been removed as of 8.0.11.

5) Does Kronos realize that most browsers either already have or will shortly quit supporting Flash?      

Yes, Kronos is keeping a close eye on the browser vendors and Adobe in terms of Flash support. Their understanding is that they are all committed to supporting Flash until the end of 2020.

6) By what date will Adobe no longer support Flash?

Adobe and browser vendors are targeting the End of Life for Flash in 2020.

7) I think there is a complete Java free release and then Flash free later?

Yes, Workforce Central was made Java-free as of 8.0.11. Workforce Central version 8.1.6 is fully Flash free and is now available.

Workforce Central 8.1 Platform:

1) Will Workforce Central 8.1 continue to support the JRE based Timecard component or will HTML based version be mandatory?

Yes, the accrual behavior is different between the two options.  Yes, it is, although we strongly encourage you to move to the HTML5 version.

2) Does v8.1 use Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) or Dell Boomi like Workforce Dimensions does?  WIM will continue to be used in Workforce Central.

Upgrading to 8.1:

1) Is there a charge to move from 8.0 or an earlier version to 8.1?   

Upgrading to the next version is free for Kronos Cloud customers.

Kronos customers with on-premise solutions will need to contact their Kronos Sales Representative to discuss, typically the software is no cost to you as long as you have a valid maintenance contract with Kronos.    



2) What version of Workforce HR/Payroll (HRMS) do I need to be up on if I upgrade to Workforce Central 8.1?


Workforce HR/Payroll (HRMS) 8.1 is available along with Workforce Central 8.1. HRMS 8.0 is not compatible with Workforce Central 8.1.

Workforce Scheduler:

1) Does 8.1 Advanced Scheduler have all the same functionality as WFC 7.0.14 or would I need to wait for some service packs to make sure I have all the same functions I currently have? 

Workforce Central version 8.1 includes the same functionality in Advanced Scheduler from previous versions as well as new features introduced in 8.1.

2) Is Flexible Work Schedule available as part of Basic Scheduling or in Advanced Scheduling?  

Flexible Work Scheduling is a feature that is built on top of the existing contract and employment term functionality. It is available in Basic Scheduling.

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